What we do

New challenges arise in our world everyday.

We believe that the most appropriate use of our time and mental energy is to design and develop solutions to challenges that have the greatest impact on our world.

Our mind

To solve any challenge, we first seek to ask the right questions and reason from first principles. And once we have reverse-engineered a challenge and unleashed its creative possibilities, then we attempt to solve it. Our mind is what governs what we do, how we do it and why.

This entails:

strategy / research / concept validation / design thinking / brand & marketing / customer success

Strategy Development

We use powerful frameworks and instigate creative thought to develop strategies that offer the best chance of successfully creating solutions to the challenge.

Our <body></body>

Creating a solution to a challenge is more about how we ask our questions than how we answer them. Our <body> is our agile approach to solution development, which allows us to </body>continuously discover new information to feed into our decision-making.

This entails:

design / development / quality assurance / product ownership / user testing / project management

Digital Product Development

Our self-organising Agile teams work to find a digital solution to a challenge by working through our iterative product development lifecycle, which involves digital product strategy, design, development and testing.

What we work on

A team of smart, experienced people have dedicated time and effort defining a blueprint of focus areas that have the greatest impact on the wellbeing of human beings, our planet, and the future of all species.

These are the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

At Nava, we work on projects that are aligned at least in some part with these goals.

See the rest of the 17 goals

Our expertise

We play to our strengths, and we tend to collaborate with people who play to theirs. Our expertise can be extrapolated from where we spend the most of our time. And this is what that looks like:

Strategy & Creative Problem Solving
All the time
Digital Product Development
Most of the time
Sales, Marketing & Brand Strategy
Some of the time
Mindless execution
None of the time

Partners we've worked with on meaningful challenges:

Our Work

We believe in working together on shared goals. So we seek out partners and projects that are aligned with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

These are some of those projects:

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